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Address: 47-420 Kuźnia Raciborska ul. Powstańców 14, phone/fax (032) 419-12-80, phone (032)419-24-48, mobile 0606-236-409 poland.gif (1143 bytes) bryt.gif (455 bytes)

Sheetmetal working

Stainless steel:

Carbon steel carts:

Metal fences

Ryszard Czajkowski
Powstańców 14
47-420 Kuźnia Raciborska
Tax Number  : 639-001-04-45
Statistic Office Number  : 271504868
RActivities Commencement Year : 1991
Business Registration Number : 135

From the beginning of its activities i.e. from 1991 the company deals mainly with sheetmetal working, including aluminium working. We execute our Customers ideas - from an idea, through design of production equipment and help in their manufacturing to the ready made product. We can also execute sheetmetal working services by means of equipment supplied by our Customers. The second group of our products are stainless steel products. We cooperate with consumer goods manufacturing companies and we design and execute special equipment, not found in other companies programmes, for their needs. We also manufacture lots of manual cartss, made of both stainless steel and carbon steel. Some of the offered products are standard products (hot-dog carts, welding carts, wheel-barrow carts) but a lot of them are executed on individual order according to specific requirements and needs. We cooperate with foreign partners selling e.g. press formed elements (Denmark), hot dog carts (Germany), carbon steel elements (France). Our policy is to develop our company, to improve our products and technologies. We offer good quality, high aesthetic features and moderate prices.