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Address: 47-420 Kuźnia Raciborska ul. Powstańców 14, phone/fax (032) 419-12-80, phone (032)419-24-48, mobile 0606-236-409 poland.gif (1143 bytes)bryt.gif (455 bytes)

Sheetmetal working

Stainless steel:

Carbon steel carts:

Metal fences

We execute metal fences, railings (outdoor, indoor, for staircases or terraces), gates (double-door, slidable ), spans, hand rails, parapets, roofs for arbours and other decorations (also stainless steel decorations).We have got a wide range of designs. The customer determines requirements, we help choosing optimum design. Numerous solutions. Ideal match with architecture style. Photographs present executed examples. We offer complex services - from assistance in the choice of design, through applicable measurements and cost evaluation to the assembly. Stainless steel products are durable and the carbon steel products are protected against corrosion (galvanizing, dry and wet paint coating).
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