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Address: 47-420 Kuźnia Raciborska ul. Powstańców 14, phone/fax (032) 419-12-80, phone (032)419-24-48, mobile 0606-236-409 poland.gif (1143 bytes) bryt.gif (455 bytes)

Sheetmetal working

Stainless steel:

Carbon steel carts:

Metal fences

We manufacture tanks, vats, conic funnels - made of stainless steel - insulated or non-insulated, for liquids or loose material, storage or process tanks etc. They are produced mainly for the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. We execute them according to individual Customers' requirements - they have different structure, volume capacity, equipment etc. We aim at reducing surfaces in containers, which would accumulate litters (from production, stored liquid or loose materials). Depending on their designed use they are executed from various inox grades. Photographs include examples of our production in this respect. .
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